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All in all the service from Italia Lodging was excellent and they were always helpful. The accomodation too was spot on including the location, decor and cleanliness. Franco who worked at A Casa Di Serena made all the difference. He is a fine man of high sensitivity and peacefulness. He added greatly to our enjoyment.
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written on 09/10/2013
Jim | United Kingdom
The staff at Italia Lodging was fantastic to work with. I was a little worried with the time difference we would not get prompt (human) service, but I was surprised to say that all went better than anticipated. When looking for a room during a certain time period, it was nice to get other options that were also available during our stay. Gave us a good way to compare other properties before...
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written on 28/08/2013
firsttriptoitaly | United States
I booked 2 rooms from Italia Lodging for a visit to Rome in August. I have been very pleased with the ease of booking the reservation. The response was very prompt. I also asked for assistance in how to get from the airport to the property. Connie arranged for a driver to meet my group of 5 at the airport & the cost is much less than if we were to take a taxi. Connie has also assisted me with...
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written on 15/07/2013
Pick | United States

Slow Travellers find here their charming way to Italy

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2 words: selection and reliability

Since year 2000 Italia Lodging has been selecting only small family managed accommodation. We decided not to list everything. We have decided to look for the properties where we would have liked to stay. We have decided to have an approach which is different from the most famous sites. So we have decided to list only properties which were respecting a few simple (and common sense) criteria:
Only Small Properties:
Only properties where each specific need can be satisfied by the hotel manager directly and where guest can have a direct contact with the hotels owners. That’s why we list mainly bed and breakfast, guest houses, farm guest houses and family managed hotels with a few rooms.
Direct link with the context
We have decided to list only properties managed by local people. That’s why you won’t find in our website hotel chains.
Attention to details
We have decided to list mainly properties where the owner want to express his/her life style. We can call it character, charm … or simply peculiarity. This is what we mainly expect from the quality of the properties we list.
Available people, committed with quality and guest’s satisfaction: this are our hosts. In one word: “hospitable” owners. Our properties are nice accommodation where guests can easily feel at home. This is a real opportunity for a better knowledge of the destination you are visiting, and a much bigger possibility to go a little bit outside the traditional mass tourism routes. You will be receiving “candid” suggestions on where to go, what to see, where to eat … as the locals do.

Since its foundation Italia Lodging has put people and human relationships on the top of priorities. As for the properties selection, we like that our website and our service is something people can rely on. That’s why our website is based on a system where the staff is of greater importance. We like when the future guest find:
One to one relationship:
We take our responsibility and we are committed with the customer satisfaction. We like to find the best deal properties for those looking for the best value for money, or the most charming hotel for guest looking for an accommodation where to spend a special occasion. This is something that future guest can hardly find with automated booking systems
We are happy to say that with our website guest can forget the risk not to find what they have booked (even if they have done it 1 year in advance). Our staff double check every reservation, every transaction between the host and the guest. And we list only properties where hoteliers have given proof of reliability over the time. We are then confident that booking with us every risk is reduced to 0%
Guarantee of best rates:
With Italia Lodging guests will always pay the best possible rate for the accommodation they want to book. Guests can check themselves, and since internet is an open media, if they find that somewhere else (including the property website) a better rate is applied, they can ask the same rate to be applied also with a safe reservation through our website.
Safe booking system
We use for booking transactions the best internet standards. Booking via Italia Lodging you are booking through a Verisign certified website, which works since 2000. With us is like if you were booking directly with the hotel, but with the plus of the guarantee of a reliable and steady and easy to contact company.
No hidden costs
We do not charge to travellers a single penny for our service.
italialodging.com is a secure site
Only charming hotels 
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